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A new mother suffering from postpartum OCD is plagued by intrusive thoughts and vivid images of harming her baby. Ashamed at herself for even thinking these thoughts and afraid her baby will be taken from her, she tells no one. But it's okay because she'd never actually hurt her baby, or would she?


MAURA KIDWELL                                                                                        Kathleen

MICKEY O' SULLIVAN                                                                               Brandon

OLIVE JAMES OAKES                                                                                     Baby

ROBYN COFFIN                                                                                          Rachel

NATALIE WEST                                                                                           Lauren

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DANNY RHODES (Director / Producer) is an actor, writer and producer. Rhodes lives in Chicago where he is represented by Stewart Talent and is proud Papa to Rhodesclosed Productions, his production company specializing in horror movies. Danny graduated from Columbia College in Chicago and since then has appeared in many feature films and TV shows. He is looking forward to many collaborations ahead with his producing and writing partners, Teresa Schaeffer and Lisa Cisneros. Rhodes, being a proud member of the LGBTQ community, is dedicated to his projects being as inclusive and diverse as possible.

LISA CISNEROS (Writer / Producer) is a writer and producer. She began her writing career at Columbia College Chicago where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism, and was a contributing writer to the website Latina Voices. She worked as an editor and journalist for Patch Media, and is currently under contract as a freelance reporter with the Chicago Tribune. She was a contributing editor to the books, “The Film That Changed My Life: 30 Directors on Their Epiphanies in the Dark,” and “Last Words of the Executed” by Robert K. Elder. Cisneros has also produced Chicago theater, most recently “The Jabez Country Opry” by Mark Roberts at Chicago’s Steppenwolf 1700. She joined Rhodesclosed Productions in 2014 and is the co-writer and producer of the art house horror feature “One Not Taken” the horror/comedy “Inherited” and the thriller/horror feature “What Goes Up.”

TERESA SCHAEFFER (Producer) is a writer and producer  with four international selling books to her name, including the award-winning novella, "The Questions Within" as well as five optioned spec scripts.  In addition, Teresa has been commissioned to write numerous feature length screenplays over the years including the smart horror project, "Kalimba" with screenwriter/director Haylor Garcia and the TV Pilot "Elwood," which was presented at Comic Con by Executive Producer Ron Perlman ("Hellboy") . As 1/3 of Chicago-based Rhodesclosed Productions, Teresa is producing the art house horror project “One Not Taken” and acts as co-writer and producer for Rhodesclosed’s horror/comedy “Inherited” as well as the thriller/horror project “What Goes Up.”